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Robert Black is joined by Jason Branch and Blake Harper for a construction site workover that runs the gamut from Bondage to fucking--including an amazing three guy chain!.

  Dean Monroe starts out on his knees in front of Ken Mack, practically begging for a fat dick to suck. Ken is happy to oblige and offers his erection up for service. Sucking only leads to fucking which then leads to the use of a huge black dildo!.   Mammoth Xerxes, teams up with Leo Rocca in this flip-flop fuckfest. With bodies like Greek gods and cocks that resemble steel poles, these two show the true meaning of versatile as they effortlessly switch back and forth from top to bottom.
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Chris Steele literally runs Michael Soldier down with his police vehicle, handcuffs him and undertakes a full on cavity search that leaves no crevice unexplored.   Lee Mane is paired with mighty Mick Powers as they embark on an exploration of each other’s bodies and orifices. They tumble in a sexual freefall that includes leather, sucking, rimming, dick pumps, muscle worship, tit play, deep kissing and fucking.   Mammoth Xerxes, teams up with Leo Rocca in a flip-flop fuckfest that ranks as one of the great power exchange plowings of the past ten years.
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Eric Michaels stars in this scene of super-extreme ball and knife play. For true fans of fetish only.   Piero becomes the embodiment of a muscular boy as Trojan becomes the man and fucks him. Piero centers himself on a platform with his butt up in the air, allowing full penetration. Trojan supplies the dick and splits Piero open with muscular aggression.   This deviant tableau starts with a scream as iron-dicked Steve Parker, hands bound behind him, is flogged by musclepig Michael Ray while fucking musclebear Damien to within an inch of his life. The harder Ray hits, the harder Parker fucks.
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This vid pits Rafael Alencar against Tag Adams. We really wanted to see what would happen when one of the world's best tops meets up with one of the greatest bottoms of all time, and well, we certainly weren’t disappointed! The power-fuck Rafael delivers is a real showstopper.   This scene is all about MUSCLE. After animalistic oral action and muscle worship, Huessein dishes it out first to Piero and then to Shane Alexander. Then Piero takes his turn at fucking Shane, pumping deep up inside his massive, muscular body.   A super-hot, no-bullshit, musclehunk SM feature guaranteed to leave you wondering how much pain/pleasure can these men endure? Eric Evans and Bryce Pierce are thrown together for this scene that sets the standard for fetish flicks.
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Jake Deckard lays flat on his back as Tamas Eszterhazy worships his lightly furred muscles. Beginning with a kiss, this scene moves quickly from sweet to passionate as these two manly specimens explore each other’s rougher side – in leather!   Joe Stack, Frank Parker, Michael Corey and Boyd Thomas wrap Bryce Pierce up like a piece of meat in this fetish classic.   Riley Porter is locked in a cage watching Enrico Vega and Michael Brandon suck each other hard. Finally released from the cage Porter shows what a pig bottom he truly is!
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Hairy muscle studs Eric Evans and his real life boy friend Brent Baines demonstrate the ultimate beauty of macho mansex. Focused around Eric's award winning chest with its huge muscles and thick fur, if hairy muscle pecs are your thing, this is as good as it will ever get!   Another fine scene from the S&M fetish classic featuring Wil Clark, Michael Solidier, Tony Scalia, Peter Raeg and Rusty Samuels.   Sky Donovan and Sire are tooling around in an abandoned yard when security guard Vince Varrone catches them and locks them up. Locked in a cell Donovan and Sire trick Varrone into having sex with them and escape in a hail of cum.
>> AssQuest 2 - Sc 3   >> Wild Ink   >> Hardsex - Sc 1
Remy Delaine is paired with super-stud Carlos Morales and hairy jock Troy Punk. The scene starts with each guy jacking off for one another--Remy shows us his monster cock, Troy offers up his stunning physique, and Carlos shows off his perfect ass. Needless to say the man on man action that follows will leave you breathless and your balls drained.   A disciplined, demanding, no-bullshit forced workout featuring Bryce Pierce and Eddie Moreno. If you like your men tattooed - pierced - filthy and wild you must watch this.   Musclebear power slut Steve Parker is put through his paces masterfully by uber-Bad Ass Lance Gear. Lance is like the drill sergeant from hell pushing all of Steve’s limits and buttons simultaneously.
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Michael Brandon's huge cock has found the perfect hole in Titus Drumm as they fuck in the forest.   Lance dildo-fucks Brendan in this incredible scene. Watch as the two studs from Down-under show us how it’s done Aussie style! When you see Brendan take a 14 inch dildo-cock all the way up his hole, over and over, full speed, non stop, no breaks, you will simply loose your beads!   He's hairy, pierced, tattooed and as kinky as they come - Will Clark is Redstar.
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Sexus opens right in the middle of a sex scene--no dull warm-ups here! And what a scene it is! Australian muscle hunk Peter Raeg is featured with Lance Gear in a hairy ass, ripped muscle furry fuck that leaves no curve or crevice of their shimmering bodies untouched.   We've met Marko before with his surgically enhanced cock - now see what happens when he's tied up and at his master's mercy.   Michael Brandon is readying some bricks as Ryan Lexington descends to the scaffolding to take a break. Ryan blows Michael and Michael rims Ryan's hot ass. Michael then slams the ass of his bottom boy. Ryan cums being fucked and it's then that beefy Italian-ish Vince Varrone arrives to challenge Michael's tiredness.